In Year 4, we have been working extremely hard to improve our times tables recall. As part of this, we have been competing against each other to be crowned the Ultimate Table Rockstar Champions at the end of the term. Each week, we announce the Ultimate Rockstars that are considered ‘the most valuable players’ towards winning the battle. These children have the highest speed compared wit the number of correct answers…
The children in Year 4 have shown a great enthusiasm and passion for learning their times tables and should be very proud of their progress so far!
In the battle so far, the boys have one win but the girls have two. Keep competing to see who will be the Ultimate Times Table Champions at the end of the term…

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Polar Bears!

The children in Year 4 have been investigating living things and their habitats during our science lessons. They have looked closely at the interesting arctic mammal, the polar bear. After lots of research, the children have found that this creature is listed as vulnerable, and therefore needs saving! Linking to our work in our writing lessons, the children have worked hard to create a leaflet to provide key information about how and why this precious mammal needs saving, informing the reader of how global warming is having alarming effects on the declining population.

Our Year 4 children have been very passionate about this topic and have displayed their excellent writing skills across the curriculum into their science work.

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On 6th November, Year 4 made the trip to Leeds City Museum to become Egyptologists and uncover the tomb of the mummy, Nesyamun. The children had the opportunity to see the real-life mummy and explore the artefacts that were found with him in his sarcophagus and tomb. As well as this, they wowed our guide with their knowledge of mummification and re-created this gruesome process with fake mummies of course!

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Mummification Process

In our history lessons, we have been considering a number of questions surrounding Ancient Egypt. One of these is, ‘What is the mummification process and why is it so important?’ Whilst exploring this question we have looked at the importance and use of canopic jars. This has been transferred to our DT lessons, in which we are creating our own canopic ‘special’ container. This term, we have focused on perfecting and mastering the important skills of accurately cutting and sharply folding nets in order to create an effective container for our own ‘special’ item.

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Digestive System

This term in our science lessons, we have been learning all about the digestive system in humans. We recreated the process in small groups and used this to explain the importance of each stage.

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Division Problems

As expert problem solvers, this term in maths, Year 4 have been using their newly learnt knowledge of the formal methods to solve division problems. By working collaboratively, the children were able to use a certain amount of counters to generate numbers that were divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.  Some of the children were able to identify the importance of the units column in their self-generated numbers.

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Impressive Skills

In our computing lessons, the children have been using their impressive skills to program their sprites to move using their voices. Throughout the rest of the term, they will be using their programming skills to create their own video games using the software Scratch.

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Paralympic Sport

Linking to our recent visit from Castleford Tigers physical disability team, the children in Year 4 have been focusing on Paralympic sports as part of their new PE topic. In recent weeks, we have been playing seated volleyball which has helped us better understand the challenges that athletes with disabilities face but more importantly how they overcome these challenges in everyday life and in sport. In the coming weeks, we shall start to learn different Paralympic sports before we eventually design our own!


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Native American Purses

This term in Year 4, in our design and technology lessons, we have been producing some high quality native American purses to link in with our North American topic. In order to produce such fantastic final products, we needed to research and analyse our own.  To make their final products, the children had to become experts at measuring, decorating and using over-stitch. This is just one example of our amazing final outcomes.

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Witch Wars

This half-term, we have been using our class novel, Witch Wars, as a stimulus to write our own fantasy stories. After completing our amazing work, we were then able to read our short narratives to the rest of the class to bring our magical stories to life.

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